Kendall and dog in field - By Arthur Hitchcock


Work & Values

I'm a developer who primarily works on the web with Typescript, Node.js, & React. I'm passionate about solving UX problems with pragmatic & collaborative engineering processes, while continuously learning across the stack.

With a focus on providing user value rather than using a specific tech, I have developed technical versatility through various levels of application development. From API work and platform maintenance to optimizing components for accessibility and performance, I enjoy prototyping architecture and actualizing features from early stages to launch and beyond.

I excel at collaborating with non-engineers and understanding the language of design. I believe in the power of empathy and effective communication to unlock potential in ambiguous business goals. I thrive on learning from those around me, including designers, writers, engineers, and business leaders.

As a team lead, I prioritize streamlining work, promoting clarity, and balancing the dynamics of cross-collaborative environments. I value autonomy for individual contributors within well-scoped projects. I try to foster a culture of honesty, believing that challenging established processes and priorities promotes innovation.

I approach work with a humble mindset, recognizing that I don't need to know everything to take a step forward. I index on iteration over perfection, reflecting on both successes and failures to inform next steps. I seek to share my ideas rough and early. I'm an advocate for asynchronous communication and capturing ideas in long form content.

My favorite phrase to encompass how I seek to work is, borrowing from a former boss: "Adaptive not prescriptive".


Beyond work, my main focus is spending time in the Sierra Nevada mountains near my home. I'm an avid endurance runner and find joy in pursuing ambitious self-supported mountain runs in the 'ultra' category. For me the act of putting one foot in front of the other, despite any challenge, becomes a meditation in mental fortitude. In these places of utter hardship, the 'pain cave' as runners call it, I find simplicity and unity.

Rock climbing also takes up my headspace and outdoor efforts, particularly bouldering. I enjoy the intricate puzzle of balance, strength, and focus it presents. As a detail-oriented person, I'm fascinated by the subtlety in unlocking difficult problems. Occasionally, I flex my head on ropes.

When not in the mountains, I am growing vegetables and flowers, practicing Kundalini yoga, baking bread, reading, and enjoying the company of my husband and opinionated mutt.